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Version 2021 SE SP1 (2021-July-29)

Module Type Description
General Feature Additional support for dSPACE Release 2021-A.
Info You must change the dSPACE DS6001 configuration when switching between QNX and Linux firmware (different subnet mask format). We updated the "ReadMe_SCALEXIO.txt" file accordingly.
Bugfix When using multiple floating license servers, in rare cases the wrong server was connected.
Using Synopsys Silver did not work anymore.
Relative file paths in event macros led to errors in '#Uses commands.
Test Manager Info Adjustments to user management due to future compatibility with PROVEtech:TA 2022.
Bugfix When using Microsoft Edge based on Chromium, PROVEtech:TA crashed when executing it from a Windows non-administrator account with the option "run as Administrator".
Parsing of some Internet Explorer URLs was wrong (user-loaded files were not accessible).
Information about a missing test protocol was not displayed correctly (Internet Explorer).
Sub protocols were handled wrong in the additional result dialog.
The test result path of an older test version was not assembled correctly.
The 'Group' attribute of a user could be changed manually, although corresponding access rights were not granted.
For older test versions, an error message could occur when fetching its test parameters if the inherited parameters came from a test object in the trash folder.
Database Bugfix Back to Microsoft SQL Server ODBC driver V17.6.1 because the reconnect after a broken connection did not work.
Basic Editor Info WinWrap Basic V10.50.055
MCD-3 D Diagnostics Feature Executing Daimler SecureVariantConding job internally with SGDE format parameter instead of ECX for Globals newer than version 1.2.8 as a workaround for a bug in the Daimler Globals.