PROVEtech:IVIY addresses those processes exchanging diagnostics data using ODX documents. ODX provides a formal language for virtually all information required for vehicle diagnostics. This information concerns single ECUs as well as whole vehicles. The documents involved may grow remarkably in both size and complexity depending on the contained data, which complicates the analysis with standard XML tools.


  • Validation of ODX documents
  • Efficient visual inspection of documents
  • Comparison of documents and whole projects
  • Integration with established tools and backend processes
  • Platform independent Checker-API

Application example in customized use case

Furthermore, depending on the tool supplier, different versions of this standard are in use with varying authoring guidelines. At the same time, it becomes more important to assure and document the quality of the ODX documents, as the contained information must be used in a consistent way along the tool chain. Most of the time, problems occur due to different interpretations of the standard at the interfaces of the tools involved.

PROVEtech:IVIY was developed particularly with regard to performance. The original data format is used without time-consuming transformation. Thus, huge documents can be visualized in seconds. Memory consumption does not grow disproportionally with the number of variants in your document.

PROVEtech:IVIY creates a linked view of the data distributed among several files. Alternatively to the forms based view, an expert’s view to the underlying XML data is provided for review. Dependencies within the ODX model are visualized by diagrams.

A powerful search function is integrated; the execution of XPath-expressions is possible in a comfortable way (W3C standard).

The base configuration includes all specified rules according to the ASAM MCD-2D standards 2.0.1, 2.1.0 und 2.2.0 (each with more than 100 rules). For compliance with company specific standards (i.e. validation of naming guidelines), customized rule sets can be developed and integrated.

“Intelligent” comparison of documents and whole projects because the tool “knows” ODX. Thus, only those parts and elements of data are compared and shown that contain essential information (i.e. dynamically generated identifiers are ignored). This allows an efficient visualization of differences.

Regardless of whether you are analyzing, comparing, or simply browsing through ODX datasets – PROVEtech:IVIY covers every application step. Your diagnostics data is opened, validated, checked, transformed and exported in only a matter of seconds – and the entire process is carried out without employing a proprietary data format.

The powerful software performance gives you a major advantage when integrating large quantities of data. And even more, because the clearly prepared data and the user-friendly user interface all contribute to saving you the maximum amount of time. In the future you can skip the time-consuming analysis of diagnostics data and benefit from the precision and reliability of the application made in Germany.

Our software has already proven itself a standard tool among premium German OEMs. Discover PROVEtech:IVIY for yourself: Your smart and customized tool for quality assurance in diagnostics data integration. It will inspire you.